Who we are

Who we are

White Peacock Album Design is run and operated by Gillian Challis

About Me

Design, Photography and Weddings……three things that I love. It was when designing my own wedding album that I realised this was an outlet where I could combine my passion for all these things and White Peacock Album Design was born!
I possess a BA (hons) in Creative Imaging and have also enjoyed amateur photography for several years. Experience in both these fields has provided me with good composition skills, a keen eye for which images and layouts work best together and the creative knowledge to add design elements which enhance the images without being overbearing.
Because I have a passion for both photography and weddings, I thoroughly enjoy working with all the photos I receive and love creating something really special and memorable with each and every album I produce. Please don’t hesitate to Get in Touch if you have any queries and I look forward to working with you.

–Gillian Challis
owner & album designer

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