Kira and Luke’s Wedding Album

Kira and Luke's Wedding Album

Album: 12x12inch Bellissimo Perfetto with photo cover
 Paphos, Cyprus

This is one of our early wedding album designs and showcases a destination wedding in a gorgeous mediterrannean setting.

The album is based on our Flaunty design style in which the images fill the spreads, really making the most of the space. This style particularly suits the photography and location as it really brings out the beautiful colour and scenery that has been captured.

Here I’ve featured three of my favourite spreads from this album:

The Bride Pre Ceremony

I decided to focus the spread on the pretty image of the bride and her bouquet as this not only portrayed the bride in a quiet moment just before the ceremony, but captured all the details of her dress and accessories from the necklace to the intricate beading on her veil which were clearly visible when keeping the image to a large size. I added in the similar detail image of her shoe and added a gradient mask to create a seamless background of the two images. The three smaller full length images of the bride in her dress complemented the background image and fitted nicely into the top corner space.

The Bride and Groom

This is one of my favourite Flaunty style album spreads. The stunning image of the Bride and Groom worked really well when filling the page and the beautiful greenery and warmth of the location contrasted with the delicate colours of the bouquet and skintones. A further image of the couple filled the remaining space and I decided to make this black and white with a lowered opacity in order for it not to blend and get lost into the larger image. The smaller images complemented the main image and a lowered opacity white frame ensured the smaller images also stood out against the main image.

The Drinks Reception

The bride and groom had supplied a group of images detailing their informal drinks reception and rather than focus on larger background images, I decided to create a montage of several images to bring together the small moments and natural shots of the wedding party that had been captured by the photographer. The location and background scenery were pretty and detailed without being overbearing whilst the images conveyed the warmth and brightness of the sunshine, so I opted to leave the whole spread in colour rather than mix up the images with some black and white.

You can view the full album in our Design Gallery

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