Design Styles

Design Styles

Every single storybook album we design is unique and built from a blank canvas without using templates. This means we can be flexible and creative with our layouts and styles showcasing your photographs and telling your story in the best possible way.

The following are three of our most popular wedding album design styles. We can also accommodate a combination of these, or if you already have an idea of what you would like we are happy to design to your specifications.

Fresh Style

Our Fresh theme is ideal if you would like a clean and simple look to your wedding album design

Key features include:

Simple photo layouts with no added design elements.
Use of white or black space in the background and complementary image borders.

Flaunty Style

This style really makes the most of the space by showcasing your favourite photographs supplemented by complementary images.

Key features include:

Pages filled with images containing little or no white space.
Subtle design accents such as gradients, lowered opacity images and frames.

Stylish Style

This style brings together several photographs on a page to tell the story of your day. It enables a number of photos to be prominent on the page whilst also showcasing your favourite photos where appropriate.

Key features include:

Pages filled with a mix of photographs alongside some white space.
Some use of subtle background imagery.
A mix of lowered opacity and white borders.
Some complementary colour blocks.

Design Gallery

Now take a look at some of the beautiful album designs we’ve created for clients in our Design Gallery

Which style are you?

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