Gift Registry FAQs

Gift Registry FAQs

How does the registry work?

The registry is set up so that guests can buy you a page or several pages of your album. You decide on a total amount you wish to receive and how much you would like each page to cost.


Your guests access your registry through the site using a unique code and your wedding date. We’ll provide you with all the details you’ll need and you can either include them in a note or add our registry cards to your invitations.


Screenshots from an sample registry

Once on the site, there’s a simple form for your guests to fill in and make a payment.


The gift registry is handled by and once your registry closes, they will transfer the money over to us so you can order your album package without having to worry about payments or handling the gift donations.


We’ll be in touch as soon as we receive the balance so we can get the ball rolling on producing your beautiful wedding album!

Do I need to choose my album before I set up the registry?

No! It’s useful to get an idea of the type and size of album you might like so we can work out the total amount you’ll need to set on your registry, but you can choose your album and any extras once your wedding is over and you’re ready to order your album.

I don’t have a clue how to set my total amount.

The total amount you wish to ask for can depend on a number of factors – the type of album and any extras you may like, the number of guests likely to be contributing and the minimum amount you feel comfortable asking your guests for. But don’t worry we can help you work it out!

What if the contributions don’t reach the total amount I’ve set.

You can either choose an album that falls within the amount you’ve received from the registry or pay the remaining balance to cover the rest.

How do my guests make payments? Are the donations safe?

All donations are made through PayPal, either with an account or by debit/credit card. Therefore all the payments that guests make are covered by PayPal security

When will the registry open and close for contributions?

The registry is open for donations as soon as we set it up and it remains open until five days after your wedding so guests can still contribute after the big day.

Will I be notified when I receive a donation?

Yes! You’ll get an email direct from once your registry is set up and they’ll email you whenever someone donates so you can easily keep track of your running total. You’ll also get a PDF list of all the guest contributions once the registry closes so you can send all your thank you notes!

How do I pay the registry fees? have a standard charge of 6% of the total amount received. We can easily factor this into your total amount so you don’t need to worry about paying anything.

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