Melanie & Anthony’s Wedding Album

Melanie & Anthony's Wedding Album

Album: 12x12inch Bellissimo Perfetto with photo cover
Cypress Grove Estate House, Orlando, Florida
Photographer: Bill Otten, Broadway Foto

Our latest album creation features a stunning couple and wedding which took place all the way across the pond in Orlando, Florida. The beautiful lakeside setting of a plantation house and gardens was certainly a far cry from Mickey Mouse and the Magic Kingdom just down the road!

The album design is mostly based on the Fresh style with a Stylish twist using white space throughout the spread and small complementary design details.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the spreads we love the best from this wedding album design and an insight into the thought process behind the designs by designer Gill.

The Bride Pre Ceremony

The photos of the bride in this spread portray a serene calmness before the real wedding action starts so I was keen to keep it quite simple and clean. I used a fair amount of white space, particularly on the right to extra focus on the bold red shades of the bouquet which was a prominent feature in all of the photos. The black and white image of the bride with colour pop bouquet had been supplied by the photographer and was a particular favourite of the bride, so I decided to base the layout around this image, softening the edges with a gradient so it flowed well with the smaller images.

Exchanging of the rings

I designed this spread using several photos all capturing those key few moments in the ceremony taken from different angles and perspectives. The large close up image of the groom placing the ring on the bride’s finger sets the story of the spread and offsets against the beautiful warmth of the coloured images. As the photos on the spread are focusing on one small part of the ceremony, I kept the layout slick and simple to make sure the photos best brought that beautiful moment to life whilst also flowing well together.

The Bride and Groom

I decided to design this whole spread in Black and White to focus purely on the stunning natural expressions of the bride and groom without the distraction of the various bold and contrasting colours that appeared in the photos. They look so genuinely happy that I really wanted this to come through on the page. I lowered the opacity slightly in the background image and added a gradient in order to let the smaller close up images stand out a little whilst still keeping to a simple layout.

You can view the full album in our Design Gallery

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